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The fact that more and more products are manufactured in China means that more products can be sourced at more competitive prices than anywhere else in the world.  However, dealing with factories in China can be a challenging experience for those from other countries, especially those who can't afford to often steep learning curve and guess work of doing business in a foreign country.

That's where Optisource steps into the picture.  Optisource operates differently from the average trading company.  We apply western standards of business and commerce with a sincere desire to exceed our customer's expectations.  Our goal is to make doing business in China as easy (and sometimes easier) than doing business in your own country.

Optisource U.S. Office    35 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.    Newark, NJ 07104
phone: 973-481-4800    toll free: 800-724-5106    fax: 973-481-7775    email:

Optisource China    Room 208B, Building 1, GuoTai Modem City    Middle Renmin Road    Zhangjagang
Jiangsu, China 215600    phone: 0512-58915288    fax: 0512-58911091

Optisource Europe    80 Forburg Road    London    N16 6HT
phone: 44-208-802-5333   fax: 44-208-802-6333    mobile: 07980-598 629



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